Here we invite Zimbabweans and all concerned friends of Zimbabwe to post their view directly! THE QUESTION IS... "WHAT, IN YOUR VIEW IS THE WAY FORWARD IN ZIMBABWE??????".....POST IDEAS TO THANK YOU!!!

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Monday, August 6, 2007


There have been many references to the fact that a coup is possible in Zimbabwe and to many,(including myself), it may even be desirable.


Many ordinary Zimbabweans hope that any change of any kind (and in any direction) is acceptable because it will bring new players (whoever they may be) and perhaps those new players will be more flexible and call for an all-inclusive form of dialogue which will call for a new dispensation thereby attracting new investors and repealing a lot of the repressive laws which sadly exist in our Statute books at the moment.

The numerous analysts who list this possibility as an option forget a couple of points.

Firstly, ZANU-PF is structured in such a way that the Party is above Government and indeed “supervises” Government’s Operations. It means that any Office Bearer in Government, in the Army, Police, CIO etc is subordinate to respective Politburo Secretaries as they appear eg The whole Dept of State Security and its Minister are in actuall supervised by the ZANU-PF Secretary of Security who may or may not be the same as the Minister thereof. This means that it is very difficult for anyone to try and dislodge the Government unless they discuss that within the Party Circles (which is next to impossible to even imagine if one knows the structures of ZANU-PF and how real or perceived “sell-outs” are dealt within that rural, reeling Organization).

One cannot pass word to more than 10 people and not have one that rushes to divulge that Information at the very highest level.

Secondly, the same people that would have the capacity to stage the expected coup are wallowing in underserved luxury.

Watch the luxury vehicles that the Army Colonels, Brigadiers, Generals etc use. Watch the lifestyles that they live!

They got hundreds and some thousands of hectares each and they were given the Homesteads that were on the thousands of farms that ZANU-PF forcibly took over. Whoever can arrange for a coup in those circumstances will be a real patriot who thinks of the welfare of the Nation above his/her own!

What I have said above may seem very obvious!

But lets go to the real issue!

When one talks about “prosecuting Mugabe”, one forgets that the name “Mugabe” no longer means a single individual!

How could Mugabe single-handedly murder 25000 Ndebeles in the 80s?

How could Mugabe single-handedly effect “Operation Murambatsvina” which affected the livelihoods of millions?

So the more you talk of “prosecuting Mugabe”, the more ZANU-PF “closes ranks” and becomes more paranoid and desperate!

Don’t blame me for making the observation(s).

The question must be: Can we seriously expect a coup as an option in the Zimbabwean tragedy?

Since miracles sometimes happen, one may in that light say , “PERHAPS!”

But knowing ZANU-PF as we all do, lets not give the people false hopes! Mugabe may rule for another 15 years if we deceive ourselves with impossible expectations!

Rev Mufaro Stig Hove…

Cell: 0791463039 RSA.

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