Here we invite Zimbabweans and all concerned friends of Zimbabwe to post their view directly! THE QUESTION IS... "WHAT, IN YOUR VIEW IS THE WAY FORWARD IN ZIMBABWE??????".....POST IDEAS TO THANK YOU!!!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Mugabe's Destruction of Zimbabwe
I posted yesterday that though John Howards' decision not to allow the Australian cricket team to tour Zimbabwe is highly commendable, a far more efficient way of improving the plight of the impoverished Zimbabwean population is to assassinate Mugabe.

To see the extent of the destruction Mugabe has reaped on his fellow citizens, follow
this link and press 'play'. It's a stunning visualisation of the horrors of his legacy.

Keep an eye on the plummeting blue dot, which is the Zimbabwean life expectancy (from 62 in 1985 to just 37 in 2002).



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